1. Is the Clinic really free?

The Broad Street Clinic does not charge for any medical or pharmacy services.

liner 2. Who supports it?

The Clinic is supported by charity dollars, some grants and community awards.

liner 3. How does one qualify?

Qualification is determined by medical and financial need. The Broad Street Clinic is a chronic care clinic treating only:  diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and/or lung disease and thyroid disease. Financial qualification depends on where your household income stands in relation to the federal Guidelines of the Poverty Level established for any given year.

liner4. Is there an age limit?

The Clinic is available for medical care to adults only. We do not accept individuals who have Medicaid or any other form of prescription insurance.

liner5. Can I get medicine there?

The clinic has its own licensed pharmacy which carries a limited supply of generic drugs dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart and lung disease. NO CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ON PREMISES.

liner6. Can you special order medicine for me?

In some cases we are able to obtain medication that we do not carry in our pharmacy by applying to the various pharmaceutical companies that help low-income people obtain medications free of charge.

liner7. Do you have diabetes supplies?

In most cases we are able to provide our patients with glucose monitors and strips on a limited basis.

liner8. Can I get refills on my prescriptions?

Yes, we have a pharmacy day when prescription refills may be picked up either by coming into the clinic or using our call in service.

liner9. Can I just show up and see a doctor?

No. If you believe you would qualify for the clinic, you must first pick up an application and meet with one of our Patient Advocates. You can walk-in and meet with a patient advocate Monday through Wednesday, 8:30AM – 5:00PM. We are not an acute care walk in clinic. Patients are seen on a first come first served basis. We do not make appointments for medical visits.

liner10. Do you treat all diseases or health problems?

Once you are accepted on the basis of your chronic illness our physicians will do their best to treat any other problems that may have. Our services are mostly limited to the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and / or lung disease.

liner11. When are you open for services?

Doctor visits are limited to Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. Pharmacy services are available only on Thursdays. During the week the clerical staff is here Monday through Thursday to answer any questions you have. The majority of our professional and clerical staff are volunteers and work only on the days stated above.

liner12. Are doctor, nurses and pharmacy services available at any other time?

The clinic has a “stop gap” approach to the treatment of our patients. This means that our volunteer doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff can only see you at the times we are open for medical services. In an emergency, you should seek help from the Emergency Room at Carteret General Hospital.